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Behind The Lens


I'm Chelsea.  A coffee-loving, creative, mama, wife and photographer. Our two mom household is full of love, chaos and adventure.  We love travel, go hiking, cook and create while we homeschool our 4 kids.  Enriching our children's lives has become our highest priority as moms.  You can follow our adventures on instagram: @fauselpartyofsix 

Thank you for taking me into consideration for your photography needs.  People often ask me how long I've been doing photography, where I went to school and why I do this... I studied television and radio Production at TC3, graduated in 2011.  So, I didn't "technically" study photography.  I learned basic camera and composition rules though!  Becoming a mom and taking photos of my son was what inspired photography.  But it was always just a hobby. 

In 2014, 1 year into our marriage, my wife insisted I purchase a REAL camera, a couple lenses and invest in this "hobby" of mine because she saw potential that I didn't.  By the end of 2014, I was able to leave my job asa marketing manager at a law firm and focus on Fausel Imagery full time... By mid 2015, my wife was able to leave HER job and become a full-time mom.  To this day, Fausel Imagery supports our family fully and we could not be more grateful to our clients for that! 


Fausel Imagery is a woman-owned, queer-owned business.  We stand with the BLM movement and support minority owned businesses every chance we can. Regular donations to the HRC are a major priority to Fausel Imagery.

Whatever you're going through, thank you for the invitation and the privilege of being able to document it.  Through Life, death and love, it's your right to experience life first-hand.  So put away your cell phones and live in the moment while I take this on for you...

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