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Fausel Imagery stands with the Black Community and the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

As a small business during the time of COVID19, I know the struggles of staying OPEN and and staying positive. I'm offering complimentary sessions to black owned businesses as a way to help generate product and service content for the business' websites, social media and email campaigns. It's suggested that high quality imagery and content can boost sales and therefore help small businesses stay open during this difficult time. A lot of people have had to transition to online sales and need images of their products. Fausel Imagery will take the photos and deliver them via digital gallery where the final images will be available for download and use. Businesses that are interested, please call or text Chelsea at 607-229-5680 to schedule your appointment.

What You Can Do To Help

Sign a Petition:

Google Doc with Resources available here.

Get Woke:

- Check out this list of books and consider supporting your local library or book store so you may read them.

- Understand what systematic racism is and how it is hampering progress around the world. is.

- Check your privilege. And regularly assess this before you try and speak over someone with real life experiences. If you need more information, you can click here.

- Educate yourself on how racism is affecting the black community in terms of Mental Health.

- Did You Know? In 2019, white Americans had a median family wealth of $188,200, while Black Americans had a median family wealth of just $24,100. Learn what is doing to help close the racial wealth gap.

Be an Ally:

Being an ally isn't just saying "I support you." It's saying "What can I do to help?" and taking action. Here's what it truly means to be an ally.

Do Your Homework:

The unfortunate reality that there is real inequity and systemic racism in our health care system that disproportionately affects the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) community, making it more likely that they will receive less or inadequate care for a SUD. We published an educational guide covering addiction and the BIPOC community to spread awareness on the health disparities that are apparent in the US. Our article answers the following questions:

-What Are Common Barriers to Treatment?

-What Are Authorities Doing?

-What Resources are available?

It is unfair to expect a person of color to tell you their experiences with inequality and racial injustice. History speaks for itself. Here are just 26 examples of how racism is alive and well to educate yourself and share with others.

Donate to Causes that need funding:

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