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Wedding Vendors we LOVE & a Whole Directory So You Don't Need To Go Searching!

Planning a wedding is a WILD experience and honestly, "STRESSFUL" just doesn't cover it. Did you know that there is a whole website that is dedicated to Wedding Vendors in the Fingerlakes that have not only agree to certain "Terms of Engagement,", but are all located in the Ithaca area too! You've got to check out The Sweet Bough Wedding Collective. This takes away the stress of trying to do your own research finding all of these vendors that are local to your wedding venue. *Please note that these vendors do travel outside of the Ithaca Area, we are all are just based out of Tompkins County!*

All of the vendors in the vendor directory of the SBWC are amazing. But here are a few of our favorites from a photographer's perspective and why...


  • The staff here is amazing and will provide us access to just about any area we want to take photos in, including the barrel room and the vineyard itself. There are just endless nooks and crannies for couple's photos!

  • This venue is a perfect location for golden hour light. #WIN

  • Beautifully decorated and well lit Bridal Suite for "Getting Ready Photos".

  • Ample, ambient lighting in the beer garden, tent and bar area.

  • This is another location that is amazing for golden hour photos.

  • I LOVE the modern yet rustic look of the barn and the iconic teal sliding barn doors. They're a perfect backdrop for group photos.

  • The grounds are endless with photo possibilities any time of year, especially with the right shoes. :) Wildflower fields, hay bales, sunflowers, etc. Gordy's property is one of my favorite places to shoot at!

  • The Inn at Taughannock was recently put under new ownership and let me tell you, the place is BETTER than ever!

  • The vintage inspired interior rooms are epic, yes, but their new garden terrace and huge tent are just the level of bougie you were looking for when planning your summer/fall wedding. Especially if you want amazing lighting for night time!

  • We are right next to iconic Taughannock Falls, so that's an obvious win. But another bonus is the view of Cayuga Lake. Book a tour and see for yourself!

  • I love the greenery that is surrounding the Farmer's Market. There's so many weeping willows and there's lovely areas down close to the water where driftwood and old trees paint the sky.

  • The glow of the lights strung in the market create depth when shooting dancing and late night festivities.

  • There's almost always a pinky/blue sky in the evening and its lovely.


  • Tal is such a powerhouse. From intimate gatherings to huge weddings, this woman and her team never disappoint on taste or presentation!

  • She is BOTH a Caterer and a Dessert Option for your wedding.

  • Tal makes and bakes with love. She's got an attention to detail that makes my job easy.

  • Stephanie is basically an all in one wedding vendor and from a photography standpoint this is very aesthetic. #yas Everything and I mean EVERYTHING goes together. It's lovely.

  • She has an insane variety of plates, silverware, goblets and can be as traditional or modern as you wish. Again... #AESTHETIC

  • Sometimes, I avoid photographing food because it's just.... There. But, her staff pays close attention to the styling of the food. Artful is an understatement and it's all based on YOUR vision.

  • When I hear I am working a wedding with Amy at DarlingCake I am ecstatic because I KNOW the work is going to be literally perfect.

  • Amy is always doing something new and trendy when asked or keeping it classic and traditional when that is the client's preference.

  • She's honestly the sweetest (see what I did there) human and she just recently added a second wedding specialty to her many talents! It's another aesthetic dream come true... Check out Louella's Space and you'll see what I mean. :)

Flowers and Decor

  • Marcy and Anastasia have worked incredibly hard over the last several years and their floral design SHOWS it. These ladies are always learning, always expanding their decor options and props... They're amazing.

  • I've seen these women design everything from floral crowns to full floral arbors in addition to the wedding bouquet and table flowers you'd expect to find at a wedding, but they are award-winning quality.

  • These ladies have taken their love for weddings and started their own venue in addition to their ever evolving floral design. Check out Apple Blossom Acres.

  • Tara has a beautifully curated collection of vintage props and furniture that will add character and class to your wedding.

  • If you're looking for gorgeous calligraphy and custom made high-end invitations, Terra Rosa is where you want to be!

  • If you love the vibe of her shop, you've GOT to see her B&B / Wedding Barn, The Quinta Rosa Estate.

  • From Bold and Striking to Soft and Timeless, Eva is a true floral artist.

  • Can I tell you that it is a pet peave of mine to see the pins sticking out of an improperly placed boutonnière? It's such a tiny yet annoying thing to notice in photos. I have a special place in my photographer heart for Eva because she correctly puts the boutonniere on. Makes my job MUCH easier when it works out as such!

  • Eva is just honestly a kind, professional human being and I'm talking her up because her talent matches her awesomeness.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for loving on these other awesome local businesses!

Other Vendors We Just Dig:

Music Vendors:

Washburn Entertainment



The Treman Center

The Danby Gathery

Fountain Place

La Tourelle

Argos Warehouse


Dutch Harvest Farms

Sweets + Eats:

FLX Cake Co.

Cayuga Lake Creamery

Sugar and Slice

The Good Truck

The Silo Truck

Sinfully Delicious Baking Company

Planning/Decor + Floral:

Kate Smith Co.

Flower Fashions By Haring

Bool's Flower Shop

Happiest Days Designs

Kinship and Company

Your Looks:

17 West Salon

Hare and Bristle

Platinum Salon

Hair Color Art

Ever After Binghamton Bridal

Anastasia Mosher - Arnold MUA

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