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"First Look" Photography and Why You Should Do It

While you're considering the flow of your wedding day... You may hear the term "First Look" tossed around. So what is a "First Look" anyway?

First, let's learn where the tradition of not seeing your partner until walking down the aisle came from..

So, as you likely know... Back in the day, marriage was legit just a business deal between two families. The father of a bride would seek out a rich, land-owning family. But here's where this weird tradition comes in... If the groom met the bride before the wedding and thought she wasn’t appealing enough, the groom's family could possibly call off the wedding. And in the words of Mushu, "Dishonor! Dishonor on your whole family! Dishonor on you! Dishonor on your cow!" Yeah, a cancelled wedding based on the bride's looks would embarrass the bride's family. ***Cue weird idea! They made it so the couple could only meet at the wedding ceremony itself... That way the groom couldn't back out of the deal. The veil only helped hide her face until the last possible second. #yikes

Present day, tradition is only important if it is important to YOU. That being said, maybe you want to go to your cocktail hour? Maybe you don't want to go missing doing photos for an hour? The First Look is an opportunity for you to see your significant other before the walk down the aisle. It's a sigh of relief for anxious couples. Kind of a "Oh hey, we both showed up, whew!" moment. But why do a first look? Well, logistically speaking it just makes sense. If you have seen each other, then we can easily bust out some of those formal photos that are traditionally taken right after the ceremony during cocktail hour. This allows you to visit with your guests during cocktail hour instead of leaving and doing photos for an hour. It gives us a better chance that little ones are clean and not yet "over it" in their photos.

I recommend a First Look when:

  • There is a large wedding party.

  • The ceremony is in a different place than the reception.

  • The couple is anxious about photos.

  • The couple has a fur baby they'd like to include in their photos.

  • The couple wants to attend their cocktail hour.

  • There are children in the wedding party.

  • The couple would like to go to multiple locations for photos.

  • The couple wants to see each other before the ceremony.

So when you're planning your wedding timeline, consider your preference, because "TRADITION" only matters if it does to YOU.

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