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Wedding Values

Borrowed from an incredible network of humans I am part of, The Sweet Bough Wedding Collective: These are our values. We abide by these principles, and all of our partners listed in our vendor community have agreed that these statements reflect their practices and values as well.

  • A wedding is a celebration of you and your beloved. First and foremost, that’s what we are all here for.

  • We are on your side. You should never feel like we’re on the opposing team! We strive to compassionately listen to every couple that we work with – it’s often stressful to plan a wedding, and we do all that we can to reduce that stress.

  • The details of your wedding are great and all, but those details – the flowers, the food, the photos, the decorations – are not a reflection of your worth as a couple, or of the strength of your partnership and marriage.

  • We are thrilled to work with all couples. We support the right of every couple to marry, and happily work on weddings for LGBTQ couples, straight couples, couples of all races, ethnicities and religious or non-religious backgrounds. We love love!

  • We do our best to avoid heteronormative language in our marketing or in discussions with couples – not all weddings have a bride, and not all weddings have a groom. There are also no tasks that “should” be the responsibility of either party.

  • We support couples with any budget. While we might not be able to provide services at certain price points, we offer scalable packages to support a range of budgets, and we will remain supportive, non-judgemental and will abstain from budget-shaming while we work with you to build your joyful wedding day.

  • We don’t believe there are any shoulds that go along with weddings – you don’t have to serve meat for dinner, you don’t have to be walked down the aisle by a parent, and no one has to wear white. (There are a few exceptions to this rule… you must have some sort of light in a portajohn if your reception is at night. No one likes those things when they’re completely dark! But don’t worry, your wedding coordinator will take care of those details…)

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