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10 Random Things I Carry as a Professional Wedding Photographer

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

No one asked for this list, but Fausel Imagery turns 10 years old this year! So, Here's 10 random things I carry on me as a professional wedding photographer.

Sewing Kit: Never have I ever attended a wedding where a bridesmaid's dress strap didn't give out, or a bride's bustle didn't hold. So I'm here with threads of every color, safety pins, buttons... I've seen suit coats that weren't properly "vented" aka those little "X's" that keep the suit jacket "flap" down before purchasing <removed>, and I've watched MOTB's frantically need a stitch or safety pin for their neckline. A sewing kit is just plain HANDY, guys.

Scissors: False Eyelashes too long for your eyes? Scissors. Loose Beads

on the dress? Sewing kit or Scissors. Tags on EVERYTHING?? Scissors.

Eyelash Glue: It's your wedding day and 9/10 times your eyelash glue needs to be reapplied. I gotchu bestie.

Band-aids: Well, if you know me, I'm accident prone as hell, however band-aids have SAVED LIVES when it comes to

uncomfortable shoes or potential blisters for both men and women. Also, kids at weddings = faceplant. At least once. Let's be real.

Advil/Tylenol: Things can get stressful, but no worries. Just your friendly neighborhood pain reliever dealer over here.

A Case of Bottled Water: "HYDRATE BEFORE YOU DIEDRATE." Seriously, the alcohol, the coffee, the chaos, it's all dehydrating. I will always have water ready to go for the couple because self-care is usually at its lowest on the big day.

Bobby Pins: Never have I ever attended a wedding where I didn't need to pin back some hair after a wild dance song or extended time in the sun, wind, etc.

AA Batteries + Phone Charging Bricks: This might sound weird, but the amount of time someone has needed AA batteries is worth having them on this list. Whether it is for another vendor, your electric toothbrush or for those twinkle lights you forgot

needed batteries. Y'all had so much fun the night before, you forgot to charge your phone... Come at me. I gotchu. Charging bricks, cords and all.

Snacks: Yeah, I'm the mom friend. Protein shakes, bars, fruits. There have been instances where the couple didn't have access to food or drink for the first 6 hours of their day. Um, no. There shall be NO fainting on my watch!

Your List of Must-Have Photos + Final Itinerary (Printed): Okay so this one isn't so random. But it's important to me that I have a hard copy of your most wanted photos in case there is no service where you're getting married. I also find that it's the best way to help keep everything and everyone on schedule. Sometimes I end up being your day - of coordinator, and that's totally cool with me. :)

My 2023 wedding season is kicking off this May! I am just so freaking grateful for all of you trusting me to capture your most intimate moments. Thank you and see you soon!


I do not own the copyrights to the clipart in this post.

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